Expert Speaker

Polli Hagenaars

Polli Hagenaars

Organisation: EFPA
Expertise: Chair of the EFPA Board Human Rights & Psychology


Polli Hagenaars obtained her degree in developmental Psychology at the Free University in Amsterdam. Diversity and non-discrimination have been major themes throughout her professional career. She has been a consultant to the municipality of The Hague for combating racism in the educational system, and has been teaching and developing curricula on Transcultural Pedagogy at University Colleges in Amsterdam (Free University) and Rotterdam. As the chair of the Section on Interculturalisation of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP), she has (co-)organized two national conferences on exclusion/inclusion. She is a trainer of diversity in her own institute -C5-, and practising as a qualified and registered primary health care psychologist in the city of Amsterdam-NL. She is the present Convenor of the Board Human Rights & Psychology of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA).

Her most recent publications are Identiteit, Uitsluiten of Verbinden [Identity, Exclusion or Inclusion], co-edited with Beijers and Minkenberg (Utrecht: De Graaff, 2015) and Towards a Human Rights Based and Oriented Psychology (Psychology and Developing Societies, in press).