Expert Speaker

Eva Sobotka

Eva Sobotka

Organisation: FRA Vienna
Expertise: Programme Manager at the Fundamental Rights Department of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights


Eva Sobotka is responsible for the management of FRA’s Fundamental Rights Awareness Raising Strategy and Programme. Her areas of expertise with respect to the Agency’s work include: Roma inclusion; combating antisemitism – including Holocaust and human rights education; and combating racism and religious intolerance. She has worked variously as a research associate and policy advisor to, amongst others, the Open Society Institute and World Bank (with respect to the Decade of Roma Inclusion), and for the American Friends Service Committee as the leader of a programme on Roma School Success.

She studied political science, and has published a number of articles as well as book chapters; for example: Sobotka, E. (2011) ‘Influence of Civil Society Actors on Formulation of Roma Issues within the EU Framework’, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights Vol. 18; Sobotka E., Vermeersch P. (2012) ‘Governing Human Rights and Roma Inclusion: Can the EU be a Catalyst for Local Social Change?’ in Human Rights Quarterly 01/2012; 34(3):800-822.; Sobotka, E. (2010 and 2015) ‘Multilateral Frameworks of Conflict Resolution’, in K. Cordell and S. Wolf (eds.) Handbook on Ethnic Conflict.