Expert meeting Human Rights Education for Psychologists
October 9-11, 2016 at the EIUC Secretariat in Venice, Italy

Human Rights

All over the world, people are struggling for a life that is fully human, a life worthy of human dignity. Countries and states are often focused on economic growth alone, but their people, meanwhile, are striving for something different: they want meaningful human lives

(Nussbaum, 2012).

The final report and the abstracts of the presentations of the Expert meeting in Venice of Oct 9-11, 2016 are now available here.

(update June 2017)

Our Mission

It is our ambition to achieve the following goals:

  • Professional psychologists accept and realise Human Rights as a normative standard for their professional behaviour.
  • Psychologists and their professional organisations take a public position as professionals condemning any Human Rights violations.
  • Professional psychologists publicly intervene if they have the opportunity to foresee the negative consequences of certain kinds of public action and threats of Human Rights violations.
  • Psychologists offer their support to alleviate the consequences of Human Rights violations if their professional knowledge and expertise can significantly contribute to a reduction in the negative consequences of such violations.

These goals will be achieved, among others, through education of psychologists about Human Rights, one of the core issues for the EFPA Board Human Rights & Psychology.



We thank all the sponsors for their generous support to this important event.


After the Congress

Human Rights Education for Psychologists and Fundamental Rights Awareness